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The unofficial Broken Sword 5 fan-site by Leonard Challis

Ayup! This is my contribution to the numerous existing tributes to Revolution's incredible Broken Sword series. The first episode of the fifth game in the series now proudly sits on our devices, with The Serpent's Curse: episode 2 expected very soon.

I've put this site together to provide a single point of access to a few fun Serpent's Curse bits. I don't want to recreate the wheel here – there are, after all, so many talented people in the Broken Sword community, which I shall proudly link to.

Thanks mainly due to time constaints, there's currently just a few active pages. Namely, the Kickstarter comments search tool in the Kickstarter section and the Fellow Fans section mentioned previously.

I shall also be sending my model goat, Lobineau, off on holiday. I want him to travel the world, spending time with a different Broken Sword fan every week or two.

Have fun and feel free to get in touch if you want to share something, if you want to see something, don't want to see something or simply want to tell me to shut up.

Take care,

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